Continuum - AKI Finals 2022

JULY 2022
My graduation work on display at the AKI Finals Expo in Enschede, Netherlands.

“Continuum” is an audiovisual installation on the concept and experience of time.

It illustrates a coherent whole formed through the sequence of graphic elements that symbolizes my idea of time. The project is inspired by the Japanese concept of space-time called 間 - ‘Ma.’ Ma is a Japanese concept describing a space, gap, interval, or something in between.

In Japan, one makes a deliberate pause at the end of a bow before they come back up; the reason being as to ensure that there is enough ‘Ma’ to convey feeling and look respectful. One of the defining characteristics of such Japanese communication is the conscious use of emptiness; the subjects of sentences are often left unsaid.

This comes from this notion that some things are better expressed not by what is there but rather by what’s not there. It can also be described as the silence between the notes that make the music. It’s about what’s in between the edges, between the beginning and end, and the space and time in which we experience life.

The interval that gives shape to the whole. It also refers to the fundamental time and space from which life needs to grow. When you write the word Ma, the character combines the symbol for the sun sandwiched by a door opening.

We see in this concept not only the outline of a door but a door that is open to light, thereby enabling growth, sparking creativity, and permitting freedom. Your intuition and feeling come into play and define the outcome of actions over pure logic. This way of approaching things help you achieve things that are way beyond your imagination. And through this project, I aim to demonstrate how simple it is to apply this concept in your life. And that you can initiate it by noticing the difference — Ma — in the experienced time and the concept of time.
©2022 Ryo Sakamoto